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What to keep in your guest bathroom

Now that we have a house with a real guest room (that has it’s own bathroom), we get quite a few overnight visitors. One of my tips in this post about how to prepare for home guests was to make their space, meaning the rooms that they will use the most, extra comfortable. I went over how to do this in the bedroom but today, I wanted to share my tips for how to prepare the bathroom which can be equally important.

We finally got around to painting this space and installing a Decora Bath Mirror with pullout storage (scroll down to see how you can win one for your house!) last month, so I thought this would be the perfect time to share some photos of the little room. We installed this mirror so that I could conveniently store products above the sink and give extra room to my guests for their own toiletries as well (both sides pull out for extra space).

When I started stocking up the bathroom, I thought of how I would want to feel in someone else’s house. I personally love staying in hotels because everything is new and clean and if I forgot something like soap or a toothbrush, it’s there. I went above and beyond that, filling the room with everything from face wash to fancy toothpaste to q-tips to make up remover to hair spray.

I splurged on nicer products because I know they’ll last a while (unless we get a permanent guest anytime soon!) and it will make anyone who stays with us feel like we really care. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you’ve probably noticed my obsession with cleanliness and lack of clutter… I don’t just clean up the house for photo shoots, it’s always like this!

The bathroom is nothing fancy but it’s fresh and clean, making my friends and family feel right at home. It also goes nicely with the guest room itself without looking too matchy. Scroll down to see photos of our cozy but not too fancy guest bathroom, a list of what I stock up on so that my friends and family feel more at home in my home, and a chance to win this mirror for yourself!

Gray Malin in the Bathroom

Aerin Honeysuckle Lotion

Striped Bathroom Curtain

How to prepare for houseguests

Pottery Barn glass jars

Gray Malin Amalfi Print

Guest Bathroom Sink


Mirrored Cabinet: Decora Bath Mirror with Pull Out c/o
Print: Gray Malin c/o
Roman Shade: Pottery Barn
Shower Curtain: Pottery Barn
Candles: Diptique
Paint: Farrow & Ball (Parma Gray) c/o
Glass Jars: Pottery Barn

Products I keep in my guest bathroom

Face Cleanser: SW Basics
Make Up Remover: SW Basics
Toner: SW Basics (side bar this is my fave beauty product of all time)
Face Cream: SW Basics
Hair Oil: Living Proof
Body Lotion: AERIN
Wooden Brush: Aisilk
Wooden Comb Set: Amazon
Toothpaste: Marvis
Deoderant: Dove
Sea Sponges: Pottery Barn
Hand Soap: La Compagnie de Provence

Enter to win:
Want to win a Decora Bath Mirror with Pull Out for your own home? Comment below letting me know what essentials you stock up on for your guests!

Thank you to MasterBrand Cabinets for sponsoring this post.

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  1. Elizabeth Rogers

    Yay! I can’t wait! So excited!

  2. Julia Dzafic

    Congratulations, Elizabeth. You won! We’ll be contacting you with details soon 馃檪

  3. Kyle @ Professionalish

    I always try to stock extra pajamas and robes – nothing fancy, but just a couple basic options in case someone forgets them! Also, slippers!

  4. Nadene Marlatt

    Hi! I try to make it a new surprise every time my best friend comes to visit. I make a basket on the end of her bed with my latest favourite body wash, towels, a new night-shirt, liquorice, toothpaste and floss, a beautiful body cream etc. Last time it had kitty-cat underwear also because she loves cats.

  5. Our guests are usually with us for at least a week as our families live internationally. So I love to stock the guest bath and bedroom well. Like you, I choose luxury supplies for our guests. In addition to the standard toiletries I like to add small snacks, water bottles, a selection of magazines or books. For fun I have a few small framed photos – I switch out the pictures depending who is visiting. 馃檪

  6. We live in a big city so coming to visit can be so tiring on the feet so I love creating a spa like atmosphere and providing a nice soft robe and slippers for my guests to relax in!

  7. we have a house at the beach, so lots of sunscreen, aloe gel, and soft slippers and robe.

  8. My husband and I are still decorating our house (first home – just moved in a year ago in May), but we always have soap, clean fresh towels, toothbrushes, and extra hair supplies for our guests. 馃檪

  9. I stock body soap, bath towels and deodorant on our guest room!

  10. ChristinaBakes

    I stocked toothbrushes for our guest bathroom.

  11. TheWorkInProgressBlog

    We are just moving into our first house with a guest bath but I plan to offer great towels and samples in a glass canister!

  12. Definitely new toothbrushes!! such a nice touch and gives that “hotel feel.”

  13. I have a large glass canister and I keep it filled with all the cute soaps and products I collect from hotels when traveling. I’ve found that my guests love looking through and choosing which products to try.

  14. Thanks for all your ideas LemonStripes! I like to stock up on fluffy towels, toothpaste, toothbrush, a nice skin cream, face wash, and some lovely smelling soaps!

  15. Love this post. I feel inspired to step up my guest bathroom amenities. The basics I keep on hand are shampoo, conditioner, body wash, tooth paste, a hair dryer, large soft towel and wash clothes.

  16. Kristina M

    Love this post! I love to keep as the small samples I get from sephora or ulta in a jar for guests to use.

  17. Melinda March

    I love all of your items, but have a few others I make sure are stocked and readily found by guests. I am a floss addict, so there are always a few types available. I also ensure to have extra toilet paper, tampons and a hair dryer. I even keep my extra curling irons and hair styling tools in the guest bath to reduce clutter in my bathroom and to provide Thames for guests. It’s much easier than having to share when I have company and has been well worth the investment.

  18. Hi Julia! I loved your post, so useful. We unfortunately don’t have a guest room in our London appartment but I still like looking after our guests when they come along. Your list is already pretty exhaustive but I always make sure we have a face wash wash, cotton pads and micellar water for everybody to be able to clean their face, bubble bath if they want to relax (and if you have a bath of course!) and nice smelling and soft towels. I always offer the ladies to help themselves in my personal stack of products too as it’s fun sometimes to try out new things when you visit friends:) Julie xx

  19. Virginia Merati

    I love going the extra mile for my guests, and your guest bathroom pointers are very helpful! I found your skincare products especially interesting and think a follow up blog post featuring your skincare regimen would be great!

  20. Kimberly Lewis

    I rarely have guests over in my tiny NYC apartment but when I do I make sure to give them the extra soft towels otherwise they have free reign over all my products! 馃檪

  21. Jacqueline Collins

    If I was a guest at your house, I would never want to leave! When we have guests over I always make sure they are plenty of fluffy towels and a towel mat for when you get out of the shower. I also stock up on disposable toothbrushes!

  22. Shannon McCarthy

    Love your guest bathroom! I make sure my guest bathroom is loaded with anything a guest may need/want- fresh towels, body & face wash, nice shampoo & conditioner, blow dryer, toothpaste, toothbrushes, nice hand soap, a candle and a basket of magazines!

  23. Elizabeth Rogers

    Such a pretty guest bathroom! I love stocking up for our guests and also love venturing to friends houses to see what they store in their bathroom! For our home, we always include the essentials – lotion, tooth paste/brush, face wipes, Q Tips and plenty of hand towels. I also always make sure a fresh candle and bathroom spray are set out for guest too enjoy – who doesn’t love a fresh new candle!

  24. Katie Allen

    We just got our guest space back from renters, so I’m about to restock with some nice fluffy towels and fancy toiletries!

  25. We have a finished 3rd floor / attic space for guests. I make sure to stock with soap, shampoo, conditioner, fresh towels, magazines and little water glasses. I love how you went above and beyond with the toiletries. I should do that!

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