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Cozy Winter Outfit

One of the things I’m most proud of this year is that I founded a female entrepreneur group in my area. We meet monthly to network and find ways to support each other. I highlighted one of those women last week in my Shop Small post, and I’m excited to be highlighting another one today! The idea of local women supporting each other makes my heart burst, and I feel so lucky to have made so many entrepreneurial friends in my ‘hood.

One of these friends is Lauren, who along with her mom and sister, created Dudley Stephens in 2015 to solve their problem of always wanting to wear fleece for warmth but never looking chic in it. Whether it was for on the slopes or in a boat, they knew there had to be something better out there. There wasn’t, so they made it themselves! The women reimagined fleece in a super cool way, creating their signature piece, the turtleneck tunic, along with capes and even dresses more recently.

When I first saw her site, I couldn’t fully tell how much I’d love the product, but since I’ve picked up this turtleneck, a blazer, and a cape that I wear all the time, I’m now a tried and true fan. Because I work from home, I pretty much live in my black turtleneck because it’s warm and comfy, but if I need to go run an errand, it doesn’t look sloppy like most of my sweatshirts. Oh also? It has pockets.

Lauren and I teamed up today for a fun giveaway! We’re giving away two of these tops: One for you and one for you to give as a holiday gift. Comment below with what color you would want, who you would give the gift to, and why. We’ll pick a winner tomorrow. Good luck!

In other news, last week I finally taught myself how to curl my own hair. Since it’s been short, I have been at a total loss on how to style it myself but after watching this video (even though she has long hair), I’ve become a a pro. I have this wand and love it. Fun fact: I’ve always been awful at doing my own hair, so one of my goals for 2017 is to step up my beauty/hair game. I’m going to do a full tutorial on how I get this look, with tips especially for people with shorter hair soon. Stay tuned!

*Note: Giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered, and congrats to Katie D who was chosen as the winner using

Dudley Stephens Turtleneck

Pop of Red

Neutral Scarf

Fleece Turleneck

Fleece Turleneck c/o / Jeans / Boots / Bag (on sale) / Scarf c/o / Necklace

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  1. I’d love the black one! I would gift one to my mom who is a nurse and is constantly doing for others. She deserves a cozy, luxurious sweater for the Upstate New York winter!

  2. I’d love any color – but I’m thinking Heather Grey!

  3. I’d love one in black–and would love to gift one to my best friend!

  4. Kellie | The B Hive

    Hmmmm…. I think I’d pick the natural blush to add in a little bit of brightness to a dark winter wardrobe.

    And I’d give another one to my friend who is currently about to have her second baby- a cozy but flattering top is just what you need when you’re a weird shape, with zero sleep and wanting to wear comfy clothes!

  5. I love the black one or the natural blush one, I just love neutrals and live in them. I would give one as a gift to my sister. She just got married, is buying a new house, and is a teacher, so I know she would appreciate the warmth it would give her. Did I mention she lives in upstate New York where its super cold and snowy? It would be like giving her a long distance hug every time she wears it!

  6. Rachel Guthridge

    This looks so perfectly cute and comfy, I love it! I would get the marine blue– I like adding nautical colors and accessories in the winter when I’m missing the warm weather and beach. I would give one as a gift to my mom- at 60 years old she is still as stylish as ever! We always think of each other when shopping and she would love this too

  7. I’d love the black one and would probably give it to my mom or sister, they’d absolutely love it!!

  8. I would choose black! Beautiful look for you and hopefully for me!

  9. Jennifer MacQuarrie

    I would choose periwinkle for me. I am a teacher and this is perfect for staying cozy and comfortable during the busy school days! I would give the other to my mom who is also a teacher and always looking for cozy, cute, and machine washable things!!

  10. Jessica Butzgy

    I would definitely pick black for me. I coach a high school swim team and am always trying to wear warm but chic outfits to practices/meets so I look more like a coach and not to get confused as a swimmer! I would gift the second to my other coach as she looks very young too and has the same problem of getting asked if she is a swimmer and not a coach!

  11. I would go with the heather grey or black. I would definitely give it to my sister who does so many kind things for me and I can never show her enough how much I appreciate her.

  12. I love the red and the black! Both are so versatile for the holidays 馃檪 I would love to share with my coworker Ali, we’ve both been eying a Dudley Stephens for a while!

  13. I’d definitely go with black! My mom would love this!

  14. Kate jorens

    I love the black one and would love to gift to my younger sister who just had a baby!

  15. Tierney Winberg

    I love the black because it’s so versatile. My mother would love it as well!

  16. So cozy, cute and such a great winter staple! Exactly what I need living in the Pacific Northwest with our rainy, damp winters. I’d love to have one in black! I’d give one to my mom as well because we both have the same preppy, classic style and love the coziness of a great turtleneck!

  17. Rachael | The Rachael Way

    This is gorgeous! I would pick the black 馃檪

  18. Jessica Morrison

    Love this fleece! I would pick the black because it’s quite often my go to and I can’t quit it. I would love the natural blush for my sister in law who is going to be having her second baby in February, and what new mama wouldn’t want something so comfy and chic?!

  19. Love the short curls!! A fleece turtleneck with pockets is such a great idea!! I agree, you can’t wear hoodies all the time so this is so cute!! I think I would have to go with the light pink for myself and my sister. We both have the same taste, and she has been working from home recently like you! I know this would be perfect for her, and because we live in Texas where it doesn’t get too cold (but cold for us haha) this would be just right!!

  20. Emily Lemke

    Hi Julia! You Always have great suggestions for comfy, yet put together looks! Im a total sucker for anything, warm and stylish that covers my behind; I recently bought your favorite Land’s End turtleneck sweater after reading your recommendations and couldn’t be happier with the purchase!

    I would want the periwinkle becuase it would match both black and navy leggings. I would give the other one to my mom becuase we are both habitually cold, but value style and comfort. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  21. Audrey Akin

    Ahh love turtlenecks and fleece for the winter, what a great combo. The periwinkle is gorgeous and the grey is so versatile. I’d gift one to my roommate and best friend Liz because we are both from CT and love to shop local plus we watch your Q&A together every week! Love the blog!

  22. Mary Alice Curran

    Although you could not go wrong with any color, I love the natural blush. My mom and I both have a “classic” style and I would give the turtleneck to her because without her I would not be the woman I am today….and we could match even from miles away! Thanks for sharing Dudley Stephens…everything looks like something that could fit in my closet!

  23. I would chose the heather grey or black as a gift for a dear friend who has been there for me this past year. For myself, I think I’m in love with the marine blue. LOVE your blog! Can’t wait to see even more.

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