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How do you holiday

Shooting this year’s holiday card felt good. Like really good. Last year, I was in such a bad place, feeling so sorry for myself. While we took the photos, I had just had my second miscarriage… which is why we wore glasses in the photos. There were tears, it was awful. This year, I felt happy, fulfilled, loved, and healthy. The amount I’ve grown in the last year is incredible and almost unbelievable. I’m so proud of myself for doing the work to overcome it all.

Anel, Boots, and I headed to Compo Beach in Westport with Stephanie to shoot these photos for our 2016 card. I love how she captured my little family!

Getting Boots to sit still for these shots was quite the challenge. There were a ton of other dogs on the beach (not pictured) and all he wanted to do was play. But he looked so handsome in his tartan collar, and he’s such a big part of our family, that we had to make it work. Next week he turns one, and I can’t believe we ever lived without him. The amount of joy that he’s brought into our lives is unreal!

For our last two cards, we’ve worn Vineyard Vines for our card, and continued the tradition this year. I love this cute plaid skirt, but because it’s short and a little snug, I paired it with a loose sweater and scarf. Anel looked super handsome in this cashmere sweater and my new favorite plaid shirt on him.

We wanted a really simple design for the card itself so we chose this one from Minted, and added custom postage stamps with Boots on them (obviously) for another personal touch. Now I just have to get these envelopes addressed!

Minted Holiday Card

Holiday Card Goals


Holiday Card Photo

Mens Vineyard Vines Holiday Look

Vineyard Vines Holiday Card

Vineyard Vines Holiday

Holiday Love

On her: Sweater, scarf, skirt c/o Vineyard Vines / Boots

On him: Plaid shirt, tie, sweater, pants c/o Vineyard Vines

On Boots: Collar, leash c/o Vineyard Vines

Photos by Stephanie Elliott Photography.

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  1. These pictures are gorgeous, Julia! Love it!


  2. Meghan Hanke

    These are so beautiful, as is your little family!

  3. Julia Dzafic

    Aww thanks so much, Alyssa!

  4. Julia Dzafic

    That was a smart idea! It took us quite a while to get some good shots of him. Of course he’s a perfect angel until the camera comes out!

  5. Julia Dzafic

    Never too much plaid!

  6. Julia Dzafic

    Oh my gosh! You are too sweet. Thank you for saying that, and sorry I made you tear up haha 🙂

  7. Julia Dzafic

    Thank you so much, Mary! That really means the world to me xo

  8. Julia Dzafic

    I know how you feel, Tara. Best of luck and keep your head up! Your baby will come to you 🙂

  9. Julia Dzafic

    Thank you so much for saying that! I’m so sorry for your losses.

  10. Megan Donovan

    Love this! These photos are amazing, your family is beautiful and there can never be enough plaid. As someone who also experienced 2 losses this past year I really appreciate you sharing the bad AND the good on here. It’s amazing how much can change in year. 2017 is looking bright!

  11. Thanks for the honest post. I’ve been upset because I’m not pregnant yet and this really put it into perspective. Can’t imagine how you felt a year ago but it gives me hope you are doing better. That no matter what the outcome you can still be happy. Best of luck and love the pictures! I’m going to do a holiday Christmas photo on the beach next year with my husband – baby or not!

  12. Mary Fremeau

    You and your husband are absolutely adorable. I love your blog, and my heart breaks for you to hear your struggles. I will keep praying for easier roads ahead…


  13. Love the photos and your card!! So happy that you are in such a better, happier place this year!

    The Sarcastic Blonde

  14. C's Collection

    Such a beautiful little family you have! Happy holidays!

    c’s collection |

  15. These cards are so beautiful, and you guys are just the sweetest-looking family! I guess I must be extra-emotional today, but I totally teared up while reading this post and scrolling through the pretty pictures. I’m sorry you had to go through that shitty time (pardon my French), and even though I don’t know you, it just makes my heart so happy that you’re in such a better place this year. Your joy absolutely shines in these pics!

    xx Hannah //

  16. What a great photo session, I love your coordinating plaid and Compo Beach is such a nice beach! Always better in the off season when you don’t have to pay to park and can bring your dog, haha.
    So glad you had a much better year and are in a better place.

  17. So happy you’ve had a more positive year! Hope this month is extra merry & bright!

  18. Jean | Skyline Blossoms

    What a sweet holiday tradition, and cheers to the difference a year can make! I admire your ability to print mix with different plaids. It’s not something I’ve figured out, and I’d love to hear more about how you do it.

    xx Jean

  19. Samantha Tananbaum

    So cute & glad you’re in a better place this year. Boots looks adorable! He’s gotten so big! Definitely checking out his collar too. Love that plaid!


  20. Christa // Regina

    Gorgeous! You guys look so happy 🙂 Have a wonderful holiday season!

    xo christa |

  21. These are really lovely pictures! So nice to capture yearly family photos. So glad you wore tons of plaid. We are doing our Christmas photos this weekend and I was worried about too much plaid between the 3 of us (is there such thing?!) but now I feel much more comfortable with our very red, very plaid choices. Happy holidays!

  22. You guys look so happy and healthy, specifically your gorgeous smile! So thrilled for you and excited for the year ahead.

  23. Gorgeous! My husband and I also wore Vineyard Vines in our card picture. We had a very hard time getting our pup to cooperate, so we ended up having to sit down to get a better hold on him (pitbull-boxer mix who will be 2 in Jan). But overall it worked. Happy holidays!!!

  24. Charlotte Harris

    I love your Christmas card! And those custom stamps with Boots… too cute.

  25. Alyssa Thomas

    I always love your style, but there’s something about your holiday style that I just adore! So glad you’re feeling better this time of year!

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