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We’ll see how long this Friday “Life Lately” series goes on, but for now, I’m having fun with it. Let me know if you want to see anything different or if you’re diggin it!

Binge Watch: I’m currently on episode seven of The Crown. All my friends were obsessing over it, but I couldn’t get into the first episode. But I plugged on, and am so glad I did. I was hooked on episode two and now can’t get enough. The peek into what goes on in the royal family is fascinating, but I also feel like I’m getting a history lesson with all the good juice. Watch it on Netflix.

Get Ready to Laugh: I love the 2016 Hater’s Guide to the Williams Sonoma Catalog. Some of these made me laugh so hard, I cried! Read it here and prepare to laugh.

Comfort Food: I was dying for tomato soup this week on a particularly chilly night. I posted a Snapchat of me making it and got so many requests for the recipe. I used this paleo recipe that was both creamy (from coconut milk) and savory. It totally hit the spot. I paired it with a grilled cheese for Anel, and made myself gluten-free croutons by simply broiling a piece of GF bread sprinkled with olive oil. Get the recipe.

Currently Reading: Ann Patchett is one of my favorite novelists of all time. Her Bel Canto is one of the most beautifully written books, I’ve ever read. Right now I’m loving her latest work, Commonwealth, a story that spans two generations and explains one mixed family from many points of view. Buy it here.

Festive Sweater: I’m seeing this pom sweater pop up everywhere, and now I need it myself! It will be perfect for Christmas day, don’t you think? Buy it here.

Gaining Perspective: I loved Mackenzie’s post about how losing her luggage helped her gain some perspective. It was so honestly written. Read the post.

Holiday Sweat Sesh: My husband and my trainer Madison (who works for him), put together an insanely hard workout that you can do at home this holiday season. I challenge you to get through the whole thing, it’s not easy! Get the workout.

All the Sparkles: New Years Eve is on my mind, and this sparkly romper caught my eye. Because I’m hosting at my house and don’t have to go outside, it could actually work, even with the cold weather! Buy it here.

Face Lift: So so proud of my friend Hallie (previously Corals & Cognacs) for totally revamping her site into Among Other Things. As a Soul Cycle instructor, she creates great fitness content to go along with her fashion and lifestyle posts. Check out her new site.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Dana Mannarino

    I love these posts! Also, that William Sonoma thing was hysterical!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  2. Totally agreed on everything you said about Ann Patchett. I just finished Commonwealth – it’s soooooo great!

  3. Tracy Schwartz

    Loved Hallies relaunch! That workout looks killer and good!

  4. Christa // Regina

    Loving all of these! We just finished Friday Night Lights and are moving onto The Crown next, and that tomato soup recipe sounds amazing!!

    xo christa |

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