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Delicious Mocktail Recipes

It seems as if every person I talk to has a different opinion about drinking while pregnant. When I asked my doctor on my first visit, she said a glass of wine every few days is totally fine. I couldn’t stomach any liquor at all in my first trimester, and was too scared to drink anyway, so I went cold turkey until I hit 14 weeks. Since then, I’ve had about one glass of wine per week, which feels ok to me now. In Nina Planck’s book, Real Food for Mother and Baby (aka my pregnancy food bible), she writes that women in almost every country drink lightly during their pregnancies except in the US. She states that there are no studies whatsoever that suggest that small amounts of alcohol (a glass here and there) affect your baby negatively. The only issues are when moms binge or heavily drink throughout their pregnancy. I don’t know if that’s an actual fact or not, but I found it interesting.

When I talk to friends about their views, it differs pretty drastically from person to person. While pretty much everyone agrees to stay away from hard liquor (there are a few who think it’s fine), the amount of wine or beer people or complete abstinence is all over the place.

I thought it would be fun to do a post next week where I interview a bunch of OBs, pediatricians, acupuncturists, and other mamas, to get a full picture of what is out there, but I want to get your input too! If you have a minute (or really 30 seconds), fill out this survey, and I’ll post the results in next week’s post.

In the meantime, because I’m not one of the people who thinks hard liquor is particularly good for pregnant mamas, I want to share three delicious mocktail recipes that I worked on with the bartenders at Jack Dusty’s in Sarasota. I’ve also included notes on each for how to make them into some pretty amazing cocktails.



Paloma Mocktail

Flavors: I love real palomas so I wasn’t surprised when I loved the liquor-free version. It’s fresh, light, tart, and not too sweet. I definitely missed the tequila, but it did the job.

Ingredients: Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, fresh lime juice, simple syrup or agave, club soda, grapefruit peel for garnish, salt rim optional

Make it a cocktail: Add tequila

Basil “Gimlet”

Basil Gimlet Mocktail

Flavors: This was by far my favorite of the three drinks. I am a big basil fan, and I loved the natural herbal sweetness it brought to the drink.

Ingredients: Cardamom, ground pink peppercorns, muddled basil, simple syrup or agave, fresh squeezed lemon juice, club soda, basil leaf for garnish. I recreated it at home last week with simply the club soda, muddled basil, agave, and lemon juice. So easy!

Make it a cocktail: Add vodka or gin

Spicy Coconut

Spicy Coconut Mocktail

Flavors: If you like pina coladas… or anything coconut-flavored, you will love this drink. It’s creamy, sweet, satisfying, and has a nice zing to it.

Ingredients: Cream of coconut, pineapple cilantro syrup, fresh orange juice, thai chili tincture, nutmeg, and lime zest. It’s not likely that you’ll have pineapple cilantro syrup lying around but you could muddle the two to make it at home. In place of thai chili tincture, you’ll have to get creative. Let me know if you have any ideas!

Make it a cocktail: Add rum

Mocktail Recipe Ideas

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  1. These look so delicious, pregnant or not! So perfect for spring 🙂 xo Devon Seventeen Dresses

  2. Kearsley Lloyd Sweeney

    Thank you for these mocktail ideas! I’m 7.5 mos pregnant and I enjoy a small glass of wine every once in a while. In the beginning, I didn’t have an appetite for even a sip of wine, and some wines still don’t taste right to me. So strange how pregnancy changes your taste buds! I’ll enjoy a sip of my husband’s cocktail, but I haven’t enjoyed any myself.

    I live in Bermuda, and the environment (European influence) is much more relaxed. Pregnant women frequently order a glass of wine at a restaurant, but I’ve seen women refused by a bartender/waiter in the States. It’s interesting to see how it can be a cultural thing.

    Hope you’re feeling well! xx

  3. Diana Pearl

    These all sounds so yummy! I’ll need to make them myself — and for that, I appreciate you including the cocktail additions! 🙂

    x Diana //

  4. They all sound so delicious! I might have to make that gimlet because I’m obsessed with basil!

    Xo, Nina
    Law of Fashion Blog

  5. Kristina Anderson

    The virgin paloma sounds so good!! I’ve never been pregnant so I’ve never had to make the call for myself, but I’ve always agreed that a glass of wine every now and then should be fine for baby.

    Kristina does the Internets

  6. Elizabeth Oliveto

    These look delicious – love the tassel earrings too!
    Xo, Elizabeth

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